Tenet ★★★½

6 months of anticipation has lead up to this day. since i saw the prologue, there has been nothing going through my head other than Tenet. and i must say, i wasn’t disappointed. 

spoiler free review incoming:

before i begin spouting my problems with the movie, i’ll express my fondness for its other areas. the score was amazing, the concept and the story is beyond phenomenal, and the action is honestly the best in any movie he’s put out.

my biggest problem with the movie is the first act. the exposition of it all just felt very rushed. the biggest culprit of this was the fact that the dialogue is incredibly difficult to hear/understand, so i wasn’t too sure of anything that was going on. it was severely confusing watching all these new people be introduced as i had little to no idea why they were being brought into the story. a large problem that this dialogue issue presented later on in the film was my inability to grasp onto what was happening. like i’d be watching these incredibly intense scenes and be so invested in them, but in the back of my mind i’m just thinking “why the fuck are they here” and “what are they doing this for”. 

aside from my issues with the exposition itself, the first act was the most jam packed thing i’ve ever witnessed, like jesus it could be a whole movie in itself. but i honestly really loved that once the story got moving. 

moving onto the story as a whole, i think it’s phenomenal. my favourite part was just being able to connect the dots as the film moved forward. each scene (past the first act) there were a plethora of realizations to be had that made me feel like a super detective. all i can say about that is that it’s all very smart. a slight problem i had with that though is that, because the film moves so quickly, while you’re figuring something out, you’re missing another piece of the puzzle. if you spend 20 seconds connecting some dots, you’re missing out on new information being revealed for you to connect to some more dots (idk if this makes sense but whatever i’m sticking with it). 

as a final note on this review, i’ll say this: a mark of a good film is that it gets better the more you watch it. that being said, i feel as though Tenet *requires* a second watch in order to enjoy it at all. i completely understand that this is a film that demands to be watched multiple times (i mean, i plan on seeing it twice more). it’s a confusing concept, and there’s definitely more to be understood the more you watch it. but for the general audience that doesn’t want to sit through another 3 hours of a film they already watched, it’s not the greatest thing. 

alright. that’s it. now i’m gonna go back into crisis trying to figure out what i just watched.

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