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  • Prophecy


    the sleeping bag death made me Laugh. My. Ass. Off.

    that is all.

  • The House Where Death Lives

    The House Where Death Lives

    welp. it was a sloooooooow burn of a gothic drama/psychological thriller. decent twist ending and occasionally engaging story with a nifty synth soundtrack and a nice big house, and it's nice to see patricia pearcy in a different role besides the one she had in "squirm," but it's mostly very talky with not a lot of payoff. and as for those who talk about gory slasher murders, lol. some people get whapped across the head in the dark. nothing doing…

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  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day


    my trans girl vibes:

    as an egg, i was very toxic. my experiences with authority figures, the mental health system, and society in general all combined with negative relationships with women and my need to prove to myself (and everyone else) that i was a man, with ugly and often humiliating results. basically, for a while i was walking around trying to be a creepy little gg allin caricature, always drunk and getting myself into trouble. i never did any…

  • Troma's War

    Troma's War

    my trans girl vibes:

    there's enough cute ladies with machine guns and improvised rambo-style headbands in this that, when presented in such a simultaneously scuzzy, airy, carefree, silly, macho way, "troma's war" came out of nowhere and delivered the twinge at a time when I never seemed to experience it much anymore. (somehow, some of the music egged this on, too, but i'm not really sure how or why to this day...?) carolyn beauchamp deserves a place in my trans…