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  • In Like Flynn

    In Like Flynn


    William Moseley’s performance in In Like Flynn was not only a realistic depiction, but it also emotionally captured my focus. Succeeding in keeping character, he perfectly portrayed a young, educated man in search of adventure and purpose. As the film progressed, his dynamic role developed into a loveable character in the film, to which I became emotionally engaged into his fate. I look forward to seeing more from Moseley, and highly recommend you see his performance in In Like Flynn.

  • Stockholm



    Stockholm had an incredible cast that was able to seamlessly combine comedy and action. Bringing most of the humor to the film through his character Lars Nystrom, Ethan Hawke incredibly depicts a comedic Western criminal that also has internal feelings of compassion and empathy. Completely contrasting his disposition, Mark Strong’s character adds to the serious action-thriller side of the film with his rigid attitude. Both work together to create a classic funny, action film that continuously grasped my focus. I highly suggest this film because of its great jokes and amazing cast.

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  • Soul to Keep

    Soul to Keep


    Soul to Keep not only delivers terror and fear, but it also uniquely incorporates the inclusion of the hearing impaired. Sandra Mae Frank plays main character Tara, who in both the film and real life has a hearing impairment. David Allensworth (the director) seamlessly embeds this in the storyline, as the other characters also communicate with sign language without highly magnifying the fact that she has hearing loss. Tara’s friends in the film naturally utilize sign language as a second…