My Soul to Take ★★½

to some degree, pretty irresistible to see Craven returning to the slasher subgenre with this modern riff on the sort of typical old-school entry he reinvented in the ‘90s and mimics here, even if it is rather derivative (which is perhaps his greatest sin of all). its opening has as many false conclusions as a typical slasher’s climax would contain, and nicely sets up the film’s terrifically simple conceit that, generally speaking, devolves into a particularly messy grab bag of interesting ideas outnumbered by miscalculated plot twists; said conceit – evil potentially manifesting in one of a few different character archetypes – allows for some meditation on notions of high school popularity and masculinity wherein violence and maltreatment leads to repression which only leads to further violent eruptions, as well as recurring mentions of this idea of souls and the past taking blame for potentially inherent and inexplicable ideas, but almost all ideas & potential for archetype/genre deconstruction is blundered in the wake of a lazy and convoluted execution.

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