Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger ★½

The first third of this movie is superb. Chris Evens was born to play Steve Rogers. His superpower has always been his heart of gold and standing up for in what he believes. Especially in those early scenes you get a true understanding of who Rogers is and why he'll always be the leader of the Avengers.
Unfortunately, once he gets injected with superhero steroids, the movie itself abandons its rather grounded tone and goes full out convoluted. Hugo Weaving as the villain and the lines he's giving are goofy. The plot jumps all over the place, giving you only glimpses of Roger's war adventures without really focusing on one until the very end. What began as a well structured movie at first develops into flat and corny mess of scenes in which you want to feel for the characters but can't for they're either underdeveloped or lack enough screen time to actually care for them. This was supposed to be the Indiana Jones of the MCU. Luckily Cap got more character development in all his other movies.
However, last spoken sentence in this movie still gives me goosebumps.