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  • Homemad(e)



    * Ruth Beckermann is fearless. Not only for using Comic Sans MS in the opening & closing cards of her film, but mainly because HOMEMAD(E) feels so effortless and simple yet was able to completely knock me out of the ballpark.

    * A warming walk through Marc Aurel-Strasse, Vienna cc. 2001, speeddating with some of Beckermann's own neighbours and local townspeople. Her minimalistic portrait offers a blast to the past and a look into the structure of micro-communities & the keepsake of…

  • Still Night, Still Light

    Still Night, Still Light


    such a special, special gem. really connected with it on a deeper level; felt genuinely moved and inspired. so much good stuff.

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  • Islands



    Feels like Cronenberg, Noé, Carax and Lynch all gang banged each other for days. Body horror meets porn meets queer meets VHS aesthetics. Not so safe for work, but very atmospheric.

  • The Apprentice

    The Apprentice


    I'm so confused right now. This is easily one of the best films depicting childhood in this oversubscribed category of coming-of-age cinema - and nobody on this bloody website seems to have actually seen it? Please, do. It’s on Mubi right now.

    The Apprentice reminded me of Pialat's L'enfance nue a lot, but also surely other great, classic social realist films about boys going through puberty and finding their voices. Yet, it's also very much something of it's own.