• The Entitled

    The Entitled

    nah don't watch this. WASTE OF TIME.

  • How to Train Your Dragon

    How to Train Your Dragon


    I've seen this animated film before but i still find it enjoying esp how the story build up, ugh <3 i can kinda relate to Hiccup damn.

  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


    I like the part 1 of this. The plot twist got me but that ending AGAIN and AGAIN. Ugh. This took me so long to finish.

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Know What You Did Last Summer


    Not bad actually and ehem the casts be hottie asf 0___0

  • Jigsaw



    I think it was a bad idea that I watched this first without watching the previous SAW movies T___T. Okay so it wasn't that bad but i was having a hard time finishing this movie. The story was interesting but the characters are just so stupid and annoying. Bad acting... (Kinda?) And It was predictable too.

  • No One Gets Out Alive

    No One Gets Out Alive


    The third act was interesting but it would prolly be good if they give more explanation about the box. AND, don't worry this movie is not scary at all.

  • Orphan




    I watched this again with my friends after watching Incantation. <a href="http://Incantation on Letterboxd boxd.it/wFiI"> And my friend said this is more interesting than the found footage movie thay we watched lmao.

  • Incantation



    I don't think I can call this a found footage it didn't felt like one. I was expecting it to look like a raw videos or something but nah. The first 20 minutes i guess was good but the rest? not scary at all (prolly bcs we watched it in broad daylight).

  • Kingdom: Ashin of the North

    Kingdom: Ashin of the North


    I can't compare this to season 1 and 2 since it's a prequel. But Jun Ji-hyun's performance was so good. She barely talks but as I'm watching I can feel her emotions through facial expressions and body language which makes me feel more excited to watch the season 3 AND the last 20 mins was super good though, didn't expect that cliffhanger.

  • Kingdom: The Crown Prince

    Kingdom: The Crown Prince


    I finished watching the season 1 (sadly it's not here in letterboxd). This zombie korean series is well written! The battle scenes were choreographed so good especially the battle on the last episode of season 2 episode 6. The casts as well made this series more exciting and thrilling! I can't believe I'll see Ju Ji-hoon act in this series (first saw him act in Princess Hours). Definitely worth watching!

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    i wonder what performing artists' think about this movie.

  • Revenge



    The cinematography is so good as it catches every detail that i really wanted to see (esp the gore and action scenes) and the last 15 or 20 minutes is the most thrilling scene ever in this movie.