Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy ★★★★

"i love you more than everything."

this story is raw, emotional, and so human on every level. this is not an easy film to watch. when i wasn't crying, i felt myself holding my breath. but, the amazing performances and moving storyline made it all worth it. timothee chalamet was a real standout to me and to everyone else, but steve carell also deserves some love for this as it was one of his best performances yet.

and all of the good things make it such a shame that this movie with so much potential to be better than it already was fell into the hands of some shitty editors. parts of it felt messy and uncoordinated - and you could just tell it was due to the editing. there were also some weird score choices that messed with the tone of the film. but, overall, i still very much enjoyed this film and the amazing performances that backed it

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