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  • Manhattan Chase

    Manhattan Chase


    Lots of excellent fight scenes and juicy blood squibs exploding from chests. I absolutely love Cynthia Rothrock and she should have been featured way more in this film. I also found this movie had too much sappy emotional dialogue that killed the vibe rather than amplify it. Not my favourite Godfrey Ho film, but it’s still worth watching for the scenes of gritty violence and sleaze that Godfrey Ho is known for drenching his films in.

  • Ruthless People

    Ruthless People


    One of my favourites! A hilarious and extremely well written film! Excellent interior design throughout the movie and too many funny moments that will have you wagging your tongue! Bette Midler is a genius.

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  • Mask



    I think y’all know which character I’m talking about when I say that this movie makes me question my sexuality.

  • Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented


    Definitely not my favourite John Waters flick, the anarchist film maker collective thing is a bit corny, but the film contains enough of John Waters’ charm, camp and humour to make it an enjoyable watch.

     1 star for being a John Waters film...2 stars for the brief Eric Roberts appearance in the film that was sensational.