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  • Only Yesterday
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  • Only Yesterday

    Only Yesterday


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The ending of Only Yesterday is my favorite scene from any film. It moves me to tears every time I see it. This is a film about reminiscence and nostalgia, but it’s not about wanting to return to childhood. I don’t think Taeko longs for her actual childhood when she reminisces, because her childhood is a period of failures and disappointments that quietly crush her spirit. I think she longs for that time where she had dreams and crushes and…

  • Heroes of the East

    Heroes of the East


    a very interesting martial arts film which i found very entertaining but narratively unsatisfying. a lot of the sentiment with action films are "action films have no story and are just an excuse for fights or shootouts". even people who talk about them positively are like "it's an action film, who cares about the story?" this kind of thought disregards that a lot of storytelling and characterization is done within the action, even if it's very simple on paper. the…

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  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    jupiter jazz - bebop's loneliest episode and possibly its best. the decaying grimy setting and the melancholic saxophone motif bring an ethereal, purgatorial vibe to the whole thing that really elevate the episode's portrayal of lost souls forced to confront their pasts. even without that really specific vibe that makes me wish that this went on forever, this is just an incredibly moving episode that brings new layers of characterization and pathos to the table. i do wish gren's queerness…

  • FLCL



    FLCL is some important shit to me. i finished re-watching it today and found more in it than i ever have before, so now i am writing about it. most people who have heard of FLCL will know it for its craziness and chaos, with the series destroying basically any logical storytelling or consistency that it might have, instead going for pure emotional expression over anything else. every episode is an onslaught of bizarre imagery and haphazard, ridiculous plotting, with…