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  • Variations on a Circle

    Variations on a Circle


    I have been looking for more works like Oskar Fischinger's and have found some.

  • PlayTime



    Watching this film for a second time, with an audience, in a real theater, helped it immensely. I laughed.

    The sounds of Playtime replace dialogue with their specificity and placement. Sounds usually associated with one object transfer onto other objects to produce an almost surreal sense of defamiliarization. For example, when an object brushes against a woman's leg in the restaurant scene, it makes the sound usually produced when metal hits metal. The chairs inflate and deflate depending on the…

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  • Alice



    When you pick this for family movie night and don't get to pick for family movie night anymore

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    ok let me sum up my thoughts with as little punctuation as possible

    ill be doing this without stopping typing because i think thats a good way to write even if its a little confusing

    get your horror tropes, horror tropes here, seriously they use all the relevant weapons like chainsaws shotguns (the sawed off kind) axes and pretty much the only thing missing was the baseball bat

    i love how the cabin comes pre-boarded up, which sort of makes…