Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 ★★

Final Destination 3 starts out with an absolute bang, the 20 minute precursor scene that exists in every entry, but everything about this feels more tense, desperate, and uncomfortable compared to the previous 2. Maybe it’s because Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a much more well known name now, is quite effective here at selling the impending doom.

However, I think the directors miss a trick, almost lose the plot of what makes Final Destination fun. Yes, the main draw for most will be the Rube Goldberg deaths, but for me it’s always been that line between horror and comedy, drawing on the absolutely hilarious, dumb acting and dumb writing that was present. We instead get a movie that’s halfway stuck with being an actual horror film and a hilarious gorefest. A lot of that actually has to do with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and the approach they took with her character. Devon Sawa and AJ Cook weren’t at all the caliber of acting Winstead is at here, but they hit that tone for the movie. As a result, you get a movie that struggles to be funny or scary, and just instead becomes a slog.