Enemy ★★★★

I've never been that great at analyzing films in search of a specific meaning especially if that meaning is to some extent hidden on purpose. However, even without being completely certain what Denis Villeneuve tried to express here, "Enemy" makes for a really interesting watch.
I had previously only seen "Sicario" and "Prisoners" by Villeneuve and enjoyed both of them without regarding them as masterpieces like some people (maybe rightfully) do. Therefore I had relatively high expectations for "Enemy" and in terms of quality, they were confirmed. Its visuals are haunting, its atmosphere is original and coherent (largely due to score and cinematography) and the acting is top notch. Obivously, it is mostly a solo show for Jake Gyllenhaal but he really does pull it off. Playing two characters in the same film is certainly challenging, especially if they do actually look alike and it's not some insane Peter-Sellers stuff. Gyllenhaal perfectly manages to differentiate between the two characters without making anything too obvious or overt.
As for an interpretation, I find Gyllenhaal's version relatively convincing (a married man having an affair and then coming to terms with growing up and becoming an adult) but I probably would have never gotten there. I can enjoy it with or without the correct way of comprehending it, anyway.

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