I’m all the time anxious and watching movies.

Favorite films

  • Before Sunrise
  • La La Land
  • Peppermint Soda
  • When Harry Met Sally...

Recent activity

  • Father of the Bride Part II


  • Father of the Bride


  • After Hours


  • Out of the Past


Recent reviews

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    A feast for the eyes.

  • Cruella



    A wet dream of costumes, with a fun soundtrack, and Emma Stone has a ball. It needs a good 45 minutes to an hour cut and it gets bogged down by the Disney adaptation-ness that bogs all of these down, but less so than usual and only if you really think about it too much. The dogs all deserve Pawscars.

Popular reviews

  • Hillary



    Oh BOY was I not ready to go back to how fucking devastated I was in November of 2016 and what that loss felt like.

    Edit: Because someone screenshot this, tweeted it, and then used it to harass me, I don’t give an actual fuck what you think of Hillary Clinton. I voted for what should have been the first woman president over an ugly orange monster who is on a mission to wreck the earth. If you think you’re going to make me regret it, or think I want to engage in a debate with you, you’re sadly mistaken.

  • Home Again

    Home Again


    I didn't know Hallmark released movies in theaters.