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This review may contain spoilers.

Shame is far from an easy watch, with the last 15 minutes probably being the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been watching a movie, and I love this movie for that! Fassbender gives what some would reasonably consider his best performance. I’m a sucker for a movie about addiction whether it be an addiction to hard drugs, like in Trainspotting, or alcohol, like in Flight. It was good to get a take on another form of addiction as this film offers a peak into the world of sex addiction. Good work Steve McQueen!

Favourite Character

Favourite Scene
When Brandon hears his boss having sex with his sister. It is quite the sight to see what he goes through emotionally from this due to the highly inappropriate feelings he has towards his sister.

Best Quote
Sissy: We’re not bad people, we just come from a bad place.

Fun Fact
The first time Fassbender saw the film was with his father. They were both relieved his mother couldn’t make the screening.

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What’s your favourite Fassbender performance?


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