The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★

I didn’t love it but, as I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, that largely has to do with my apathy towards period pieces. However, while I myself don’t appreciate this film as much as others might, I can still recognize it as the masterpiece it is.

Favourite Character
Queen Anne. Olivia Coleman is nothing short of a treasure.

Favourite Scene
The scene where Abigail first begins helping Queen Anne and Anne explains that her 17 rabbits represent each of the children she has lost.

Best Quote
Queen Anne: Did you look at me?
(Servant shakes his head)
Queen Anne: Did you? Look at me! Look at me!
(Servant looks at her)
Queen Anne: How dare you! Close your eyes!

Fun Fact
Most of the costumes and wigs were made from scratch. Due to the productions tight budget, they couldn’t afford to rent any costumes. The early 18th century is rarely depicted on film so few costume houses had much in stock anyways. So, clothes and wigs were custom built and then deconstructed and reused in other scenes.

If You Liked This Then Watch..
The King’s Speech (2010). I’ve got to admit that I haven’t seen many films like The Favourite. The King’s Speech is a more modern take of what royalty looks like with Colin Firth playing a superb King George and Helena Bonham Carter playing Queen Elizabeth.

Who is your favourite king/queen from the movies?


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