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  • Dunkirk



    I heard the working title was "Christopher Nolan WWII Trauma Simulator"

  • The Battle of Algiers

    The Battle of Algiers


    Almost every five minutes I marveled at how modern this seemed. Comments on:
    - waterboarding / enhanced interrogation
    - terrorism via driving into crowds
    - decentralized terrorist / resistance groups
    - false flag operations from the french government
    - sympathetic portrayal of both Algerians and French
    Also according to the wikipedia page the pentagon hosted a viewing so that the US might learn from France's failures how to be colonialists.

    Watched before Dunkirk and could definitely see Nolan taking notes re: sound design.

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  • The World's End

    The World's End


    An exceptional Doctor Who episode where the Doctor has been swapped for a manchild and instead of the lesson being everybody dies the lesson is most people's lives aren't as good as we think they'll be

  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    This wasn't the Furiosa film i wanted