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  • Parasite



    BOMG JOON HO !!!!! in the beginning i was a bit confused as to why the plot was but fear no less, this movie picked up so quickly and became so creative and wacky that i loved it. every frame was beautiful which made it even easier to get lost in the witty dialogue amongst the family. Love love loved this.

  • Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody


    i’ve never had so many questions in my life...

    not a bad film just one that will make you think about what the hell you just watched for the next day or so. also some of the transitions i’ve seen in a while so that’s fun

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  • Climax



    through grasper noe’s signature style he is able to give me one of my most surprising experiences from a movie. from color scheme to score this film is dripping with excellence from start to end. with this being said , the performances certainly do not disappoint and only add to the films watchablity

  • Never Goin' Back

    Never Goin' Back


    i went in with little known knowledge about the film and ended up enjoying certain sequences yet really found itself dragging in others. most of the beginning dialogue was extremely predictable and proved to fall into a formula. however with that being said I did really love the ending of this film and how it wrapped itself up; i just wish we had more character development for the main characters because it made the movie a bit too stale for me. overall pretty disappointing but hey that’s okay