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  • Cruising



    Man my ass would get chopped up by this serial killer, he only likes short handsome Italian snacks. Banger of a soundtrack and tense throughout, wish had some more meat on its bones but very enjoyable.

  • Once a Thief

    Once a Thief


    A jazzy melancholy Neonoir, shot in beautiful black and white by Robert Burks (a Hitchcock main stay). A gorgeous and nihilistic Delon, Ann-margret on the edge of a nervous breakdown, Palance the man with the plan, Heflin grizzled cop with a vendetta and John Davis chandler as the odd ball crook that always seems to exist in these films. Opens and closes with a bang and middle is well paced and layered . This seems to be a lost gem, which is odd with this amazing cast, search it out.

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  • Slow West

    Slow West


    Beautifully shot,with very sexy cowboy fassbender. Never really gets dark enough for me and doesn't keep it simple enough, but still was enjoyable for me if forgettable.

  • I See You

    I See You


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "That's a fuck lier dawg!" Quote from me. Also Helen hunt looks like skeletor.

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  • Point Blank

    Point Blank


    "You're a very bad man, Walker, a very destructive man! Why do you run around doing things like this?"

  • Big Night

    Big Night


    Not to be that guy, but if you have the funds please support your local bars and restaurants in whatever way you can, gift cards , takeout, petitions, etc. Also love your family if you can.

    Much love.