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  • Get Shorty

    Get Shorty


    Man, this takes a long time to get going. The first hour or so is painfully slow. Tries too hard to be Pulp Fiction, with almost nome of the charm, lines or cool vibes. Not quite sure what the writers were playing at. When your strongest jokes are about a mini van, you should realise you’re in trouble.

    Picks up by the final third and gets reasonably entertaining. All in all, it’s a disappointment. Great cast doing the best they can with what could have been a great script, but just has no soul.

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Meteorite lands on earth, interrupting Steve McQueen’s date. An old man pokes it with a stick, releasing the blob and all hell breaks lose. The Blob gets bigger and bigger the more people it consumes. Since nobody believes them, Steve and friends and have to sneak around the local cops to deal with it themselves. If only there was a way to stop it. 

    Extremely charming and entertaining b-movie. Some scenes (like the cinema panic/fleeing scene) are genuinely impressive. 

    Should be required viewing for climate change deniers.

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  • For Y'ur Height Only

    For Y'ur Height Only


    "The little man has done it again. He's made a monkey out of the forces of evil"

    Man, how do you even begin to describe For Y'ur Height Only? Mr Giant is the leader of an evil crime syndicate and they have kidnapped a visiting doctor. Luckily there's a mole in the syndicate, Irma...and even luckier, the 3" tall Weng or agent OO (double-oh) is on the case. Armed with the latest in high-tech crime-fighting gadgetry and a bit of…

  • The Big Snatch

    The Big Snatch


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    At the onset of the 70s the sexploitation roughie was already out-of-fashion. Audiences demanded more flesh and more graphic violence. Sadly, it all comes at at the expense of charm and if there's one thing this film lacks, it's charm.

    The Big Snatch follows a man who kidnaps (or snatches, if you like) five women and takes them to a remote location, with the intention of keeping them as his slaves. They are to call him Master, follow his every…