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  • Christine



    Every now and then you stumble upon a film that just punches you in the face and takes your breath away with its brilliance, importance and influence and you just can’t fathom how it managed to pass you by for so years. A stunning and hypnotically bleak tour of suburban Britain in the 80s - what Thatcher’s nightmares were made of. Absolutely heartbreaking and the idea that the BBC used to fund these kind of things blows my mind.

  • The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre

    The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre


    Sooooo many lasers!

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    This is a very, very, very bad film. It tries extremely hard to establish itself as a companion piece to The Shining, but does so mainly by repeating the word β€œshine” and β€œshining” throughout the film. Avoid and forget!

  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love



    Nobody makes films like Sion Sono and with The Forest of Love it feels like the man is trying to out-Sono himself. Impossible to categorise, this is as much a tender ode to the magic of film-making as it is an utterly insane gore-soaked, conman-lovetriangle-sadomasochistic-revenge-thriller. Sono goes all out and oh what a sight it is to behold. Stunningly beautiful, offensively violent and extremely complicated, often at the same time. Despite its length (two and a half hours) it…