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  • Over the Top

    Over the Top


    Sylvester Stallone is Lincoln Hawk - trucker, arm-wrestler and all-round good guy. That says it all really. Of course this is pretty awesome.

    At the request of his ex-wife (who's on her deathbed), Hawk tries to make amends with his son Michael, who he hasn't seen for twelve years. Michael, who's fresh out of some military academy is having none of it, resenting the simple ways of his father. But, slowly but surely the two bond over arm-wrestling and trucking…

  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    I wonder if Stuart Gordon just grabbed Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton after Re-Animator wrapped and marched them straight into this movie. There's a very similar vibe to everything...which is not a bad thing, cause Re-Animator is amazing...buuuuut as much as 'From Beyond' wants to be as charming and funny as Re-Animator, it just isn't. Nonetheless, From Beyond is a thouroughly entertaining mindfuck of a a 'ewww' kind of way rather than 'wtf is going on'.

    Combs plays Crawford…

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  • For Y'ur Height Only

    For Y'ur Height Only


    "The little man has done it again. He's made a monkey out of the forces of evil"

    Man, how do you even begin to describe For Y'ur Height Only? Mr Giant is the leader of an evil crime syndicate and they have kidnapped a visiting doctor. Luckily there's a mole in the syndicate, Irma...and even luckier, the 3" tall Weng or agent OO (double-oh) is on the case. Armed with the latest in high-tech crime-fighting gadgetry and a bit of…

  • Women in Fury

    Women in Fury


    Angela Duvall's junkie brother is involved in the murder of a big drug pusher. Angela takes the fall for her brother and is given an 18-year prison sentence in a brutal women's prison. The prison doctor, realises she is innocent and becomes determined to save her, but the brutal prison regime have no interest in justice being served. 

    Standard women in prison plot, but the film is solid and rises above many in the genre. It's action-filled and charming from…