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  • Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire


    This movie isn't talked about enough...

    Dev Patel is such a likeable leading man and this is probably my favorite performance of his.  It goes without being said, Danny Boyle did his thing - everyone can stop talking about Trainspotting and revel in what is Boyle's true masterpiece 🗣

  • Suspiria



    One instance where the whole doesn't feel as compelling as the sum of it's parts.  A hauntingly beautiful score by Thom Yorke, directed by Luca Guadagnino, iconic source material, TILDA SWINTON... Seemed like an easy home run on paper but I just felt underwhelmed by the end.

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  • Waves



    For the first 45 min, Waves felt like Euphoria in movie form but as the story escalated, Shults' aptitude for conveying all the nuances of human emotion came through in a more realistic and impactful way than Euphoria ever did.

    Alexa Demie’s presence, exciting camera movements, and shots where color saturated the entire screen are where the similarities between the two ended, for the most part.  Contrasting with Euphoria's sensational style of storytelling, Waves subtly portrays emotional hardship that every…

  • Mandy



    This movie really sears itself into your mind; mesmerizing if not a little discombobulating but one of the most enjoyable viewing experiences ever for me.... Smoke a doobie, watch this in a very dark room and it’ll feel like you were baked into an emergency-alarm-red jello mold and left in Dante’s grainy Inferno for 2 hours 🤝