Brimstone ★★★★½

I’m not easily shocked. I’m from Holland and we can swear and show tits, dick and pussy on tv — so I’m used to stuff like that. I’m also fine with gore and violence — hell, there’s more gore on those plastic surgery tv shows.

But this one — this one shocked me a few times. Not in terms of goriness, but more because of the viciousness of The Reverend, his fucking retarded motives, and how other characters made drastic decisions because of his mental control over them.

I can also see why a lot of people thought it was too much. But fuck that, grow up already. Sometimes the world really is that gloom and grim. The fact that it evoked a lot of what the fucks from me while watching is proof of making a daring film without compromises.

So I thought it was brilliant. Stellar acting. Set and costume design was well done. Nice cinematography. Overall a great film.