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  • The Rider

    The Rider


    So everybody's gotta do Marvel movies now? :/

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Glad there was no chance for me to see it in theatres because what even is the point if you can't rewind to see Adam driver's song at 2 hours again and again and again.

    Had very high expectations of this despite going in blind and not having seen any other Noah Baumbach movies. Maybe owing to the promise of relatability that comes with the subject matter.

    Bitterly disappointed on that front because a lot of the movie felt unnecessarily…

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  • Super 30

    Super 30

    Probably not bad enough technically to warrant a 2/10 but epitomizes everything that is wrong with (most) biopics being made in India at the moment.

    Absolutely no attempts to be accurate factually - in fact so many of these films unapologetically contort the facts in a drastic manner to fit a cliched narrative structure, I have lost count. And that is especially disappointing here because with the many narratives surrounding Kumar and the shroud of doubt around some of his…

  • Zero


    Even judging by Bollywood's generally high standards, this film exceeds expectations in the ridiculous sensationalism department.
    > Today I learnt that astronaut recruitment is effectively the same process as Indian Idol auditions.

    Also, who the fuck are these background music people, going for grandiose high volume strings, trying to get you to empathize with a man (victim of dwarfism btw) who tries to conjure up shooting stars in front of an audience and fails (who wrote this?)

    Anushka Sharma is so…