Avengers: Infinity War ★★★

Juggling over 70 characters in a 160-minute long movie without it falling apart is a serious achievement, but as almost always with Marvel-movies (except Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarök) the anticipated flaws came out quite clearly. For Instance:

1. The realization that the different character-types Marvel presented us in the years leading up to "Infinity War" are way too much alike, almost no one really stands out, especially when there are so many characters. The First two installments of the Avengers avoided this because the cast was considerably smaller, which brings me to

2. The whole Ensemble-cast. The "Team" is a Patchwork, somehow they are held together because of a goal they share but they never become a dramatic unity (or a caleidoscope), an aspect that is essential for making a great great ensemble-movie.
The best comparision to films that essentially share the same Sentiments as the Avengers that make this paradigm work is propably The "Lord of the Rings"-trilogy. Peter Jackson presented a multitude of distinct and memorable characters to us, who are going through a character arc individually in each film and the whole trilogy and even as a unity (The whole Fellowship).

3. As usual there are two types of Scenes:
a) People walking somewhere while talking and bantering
b) Action
AIN'T THAT FUCKING EXCITING FOLKS!?!?!?!??! There is absolutely no room for Invention or even having fun with the medium of film going on here. That is the biggest crutch most Marvel-Movies share in my opinion and possibly the reason of the so-called "Super-Hero-Fatigue".

4. The humour.
Infinity War has the exact same problem that "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" has. The dark themes of the movie are fundamentally at odds with the self-reflexive and zany humour that is scattered throughout. Although I'm not a fan of Zak Snyders directorial efforts in the superhero-genre (or in General), his tone would have complimented the narrative in a satisfying way, I believe. BUT MARVEL DON'T DO DAT BECAUSE INTERTEXTUALITY IN THEIR UNIVERSE MEANS CASH.

5. The inherent problem of overcoming death in Comic books. The stakes don't feel real at all. Seriously, how can you care when Death can be cheated so easily with this source material? All your beloved characters won't stay dead - if they made Money at the box Office that is.

6. (EDIT) : Risk-Taking
You can watch this without being surprised at the plot-development AT ALL. Truly great movies surprise you in ways you can't think of. NO Marvel-Movie in the last 10+ Years did that in a way that was generally acclaimed. No Marvel-movie was truly great. But I guess that's what People are expecting now from Cinema and that makes me sad. VERY SAD.

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