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  • Nosferatu



    Directed by F. W. Murnau, this classic masterpiece based on Bram Stoker's Dracula almost never survived after the originals were destroyed due to lawsuit by Stoker's family. Banned in some country's for being too scary. I've only seen a few silent movies and they really do hit different. There really is something spooky with the silence, I know this is not Intentional but really adds to the level of creepyness. I think every horror fan should view this movie at least once, even if it's the only silent movie you watch.

    🔥 5/5 In the end... Man was the real monster.

  • Frazier Park Recut

    Frazier Park Recut


    Two inexperienced filmmakers attempt to shoot a film based on a hollow and a cliched "cabin in the woods" script. The only glimmer of hope for their doomed project comes from the visionary mind of a true film aficionado who they cast for the lead role. With a little help, the film takes a big leap from amateur hour, to cinematic bliss.

    There was a lot of things "cliche" for sure in this film, except for how it was put…

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  • Fetish



    Oddball Clark meets the girl of his dreams, but the relationship is threatened by his foot fetish.

    No one should ever feel ashamed from having any sort of fetish
    Well except that really gross one, yes i'm looking at you gross-o don't do that.
    But specially a foot fetish.

    This film Started out following Clark around on a seemingly normal day at the library. With his weird hair style. I think that was a bit too much. But it…

  • Ever After

    Ever After


    It has been two years since a zombie virus epidemic infected all but two German cities. Vivi and Eva flee the struggling community in Weimar for the one other safe-haven: Jena.
    For Vivi her escape from the city is one for redemption.
    For Eva her escape from the city is one for survival.

    There are essentially two types of Zombie movies. Action movies that involve Zombies killing/getting killed ect. Then there is the Human focused zombie movie. Which not many…