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  • Paris, Texas
  • Songs from the Second Floor
  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn
  • Suzhou River

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  • The Sound of Falling

  • jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy

  • The Actress

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  • To Each His Own Cinema

    To Each His Own Cinema


    Chacun Son Cinema (2007) wasn’t a pathbreaking anthology or anything. but it restricted the directors the right amount. the result hence, was evocative—at least for me.

    having to see a bunch of good directors put to screen their takes on a singular theme/topic/phrase had been my longtime ask. and I couldn’t find chacun anywhere on this expansive abyss that is the internet. with a tight three minute runtime and how these shorts were supposed to capture “the directors’ feeling…

  • Lipstick


    carla simón once made a heart-rending T4 film you guys. and it’s this.

Popular reviews

  • Gamak Ghar

    Gamak Ghar


    a meditative ode to an ancestral home that breathes through celebrations and its people, grieves in silence and embraces its journey through time almost as if embodying the soul of baba. the intimate humanisation of the house evolves parallel to the gradual parting of the family only to be completely abbreviated into photographs slid into thin plastic films of an album, writings and translucent memories.

    the poised camerawork—always static and mostly wide—and the atmospheric sound design bear a striking semblance…

  • In the Name of God

    In the Name of God


    since independence, the country has unapologetically measured the depths of the dark abyss of immorality, all in the name of God. Is this the true essence of piety we all talk/ hear about? or consequences we never thought about?

    "I am deeply disappointed and shocked at the Supreme Court's judgment. The Babri mosque was a declared national monument. It did not belong only to Muslims but to all Indians. The political leaders who engineered its destruction never went to jail.…