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  • Alexandria… Why?
  • Moonlight
  • L’homme atlantique
  • Tough Guys Don't Dance

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  • Mawhialeo Ote Alowha / Our Love

  • Tough Guys Don't Dance

  • Dead Man


  • You Owe Me One


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  • Tough Guys Don't Dance

    Tough Guys Don't Dance

    my pussy hair was bright gold in high school

    yes, debra sandlund and wings hauser are pretty fantastic but i have to say john bedford lloyd as Wardley Meeks III might be my favourite actor/character combo OAT. literally everything he said and the cadence with which he said it is so quotable. will be attempting to fit the word imbroglio into my every day life as tribute. 

    this movie is like if twin peaks, passions and dashiell hammett birthed a…

  • 1313: Actor Slash Model

    1313: Actor Slash Model

    dipping my toe into the pool of 1313 and the vast ocean of mr decoteau’s filmography. mind numbing ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Love Meetings

    Love Meetings


    the og gay son or thot daughter

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    when faith by george michael blared over gaga’s wedding just after we’d seen her get railed my mom cried with laughter, and it only got better from there. kind of absolutely awful but what a tonic for the soul