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  • DC Showcase: Death

    DC Showcase: Death


    Right in the feels

  • Out of Shadows

    Out of Shadows


    Whatever reservations you have about this documentary like the satanic stuff a lot of what documentary is doing is highlight how pretty much Hollywood is always been just a propaganda tool to the CIA , also sad how more conservatives seem more open to this idea while liberals just dismiss this obvious fact as just conspiracy theories.

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  • Joker



    Turns out the real villain all along was capitalism and the social alienation it provokes.

  • Watchmen



    The perfect example of how to ilustrate the difference between an anarchist Marxist and a liberal,while the first in this case Alan moore Say's the entire institution in this case superheroes is fascist and rotten to the core and must be abolished the liberal in this case Damon lindelof Say's "no its actually OK if we just inject identity politics "