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  • Terminal Island

    Terminal Island


    It took me a few years to actually finish Terminal Island, but when I finally sat down and watched the rest it turned out to be a pretty decent little action film, with a competent cast and lots of bloody squibs - and not boring. There's some kind of vague try at media satire in the beginning, but it all ends up in the usual trashy mix of nudity, violence and hairy macho man running around in bushes hiding from…

  • The Dark Half

    The Dark Half


    Like so many others out there I consider George A. Romero to be one of the true, most personal directors out there - or at least he was, but his legacy is still alive and kicking and - as we all know - there’s hardly a zombie movie made without some kind of nod to his filmography.

    What’s a pity though is that he worked with other things than zombies, like the incredible drama Knightriders, the dread filled vampire themed…

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  • Nightmare City

    Nightmare City


    Probably the best film ever made.

  • Nightmare City

    Nightmare City


    I wrote this when Nightmare City first arrived on DVD years ago. It's brilliant and very touching.

    "For the love of Nightmare city"

    Oh God, how I love Nightmare City
    The cast, the script – so witty!

    Watching Hugo Stiglitz sleep through his role
    Less inspiration than the sleepiest mole!

    Maria Risarua Inaggui beautiful and nude
    Hey, Francisco Rabal, what a horny dude!

    See how the monsters from the plane leap
    (and at the same time watching Hugo sleep)