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  • The Devil's Rain

    The Devil's Rain


    This is the 666th movie I’ve watched during 2017 🀟🏻

  • Braindead



    One of the biggest regrets in my geeky movie watching life was that day in 1993 when I decided to NOT see Braindead at the cinema. I stood outside, even had a discussion with the ticket salesman - but choose to see something else. WHY? I have no idea, but I still - 24 years later - I feel it was a big mistake. Braindead was one of those films that kinda pawned the way for the Swedish censorship to…

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  • Nightmare City

    Nightmare City


    Probably the best film ever made.

  • Nightmare City

    Nightmare City


    I wrote this when Nightmare City first arrived on DVD years ago. It's brilliant and very touching.

    "For the love of Nightmare city"

    Oh God, how I love Nightmare City
    The cast, the script – so witty!

    Watching Hugo Stiglitz sleep through his role
    Less inspiration than the sleepiest mole!

    Maria Risarua Inaggui beautiful and nude
    Hey, Francisco Rabal, what a horny dude!

    See how the monsters from the plane leap
    (and at the same time watching Hugo sleep)