Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

2021 Ranked
Directors Ranked: Zack Snyder

I know it's my fault that I am disappointed by this; it's a zombie heist film for fuck's sakes. But I'm disappointed by this.

I think the majority of the issues stem from the writing. This is ambitious for a zombie film; Snyder plays with the rules of Zombies and sets up a decent mythology here for something that on the surface is incredibly shallow. But this film in particular has so many plot holes and shit that just doesn't make sense.

The other issues are related to the runtime (this is just way too long, like at the minimum, 30 minutes too long), and the camerawork. I think it's a ballsy move that a director as criticised as Snyder decides to take on the Cinematographer role as well. Especially when he decides to have so many shots with a shallow focus. I don't know if that's the correct term but anybody who has seen the film will know exactly what I am referring to. In fact, the cinematography in general is pretty bland minus a couple of cool shots.

I have one more issue but the reason it happened is a very admirable one that cost Snyder millions of dollars so I am not too critical of it. The decision to remove the pedo fuck (and unfunny) Chris D'Elia from the film because he is a dirty pedo fuck is admirable. Tig Notaro was an...interesting choice as a replacement. Unfortunately, there are times when it's VERY obvious that she was digitally added in. Not only that but I just didn't like her performance in this whatsoever. Kudos for removing D'Elia but I didn't dig Notaro.

With all that being said, there is fun to be had here. I mentioned the cool zombie shit above but also the Snyder specialty; the action sequences. There are some very cool sequences in this, my favourite being down near the vault where Dave Bautista goes beast mode on a bunch of them.

The performances of everybody (except the aforementioned Notaro) and one other person, are great here though. Dave Bautista is solid in the lead, and his crew are mostly great, as is the slimeball Martin (played by Garret Dillahunt). I just really fucking hated the daughter of Scott (played by Ella Purnell.) She was so unlikable, which is crazy because her character had honourable motives.

Overall, this is a fun concept and a fun (in places) film that just drags on too long.

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