Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★★

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"I hope they remember you."

Ok, to keep this spoiler-free, I am going to have to be incredibly vague. THIS. MOVIE. IS. FUCKING. AWESOME.

First off, Thanos delivers. He truly is the big, bad guy he was promised to be and you will find that out fairly quickly. But what I truly like about him is they gave him a lot of depth. He has reasons for what he is doing and it isn't what you'd initially think.

The Russo Brothers need to be commended as they did as good a job as anybody could of getting all of these heroes enough screen time without it feeling like a "oh hey there's hero x," a bunch of times. Each hero has a meaningful role, some more than others obviously, but the way they share the screentime is very well done. I'll admit, it can be a little jarring with so many storylines going on at once and having to jump from place to place but I managed to keep up just fine. I'd suggest being all caught up with the MCU before going into this one though as there is a bit to keep up with.

The action sequences are some of the best in the entire MCU. The Wakanda battle scene in particular is a highlight. The new teamups were very cool as well, but I won't spoil any of them. There is also a very cool return of a character, but I suggest avoiding looking that up as there is a big spoiler that happens not long after they return.

Some of the humour didn't land but it's nowhere near as cringey as "language" from Age of Ultron, and 95% of the comedy lands. Plus, when a scene demands a serious tone, it gets it. I think tonally, while it jumps from serious to comedy, it's balanced really well.

Also, keep an eye out for Peter Dinklage's role...it's awesome.

Overall, this is amazing and probably my favourite MCU film to date. I can't even say the biggest reason why I liked it because spoilers. I am hopefully going to see it again tomorrow and then I'll post a spoiler review but GO SEE THIS FILM!!!

One more thing. There is one post credits scene right at the very end of the credits and its worth the wait!

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