Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★★

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"We are Groot."

Ugh...the "We are Groot" scene gets me everytime!

It's pretty crazy how good a job James Gunn did at developing the characters of this unknown at the time, rag-tag group of space heroes. Like, if you had told me back in 2014 that a movie with a talking raccoon (I know he isn't actually a raccoon but he resembles one) and a giant tree creature would become one of my all-time favourite films, I'd have told you to lay off the crack pipe. However, a film about a talking raccoon and a giant tree creature has since become one of my favourite films of all-time.

The soundtrack is just amazing. You wouldn't think the songs would fit with the genre or specifically the particular scenes they're used in. Example, "Pina Colada" plays during a prison breakout...and it just works. Anyone can just get a bunch of cool songs and make a playlist but the way this soundtrack is put together and utilised throughout the film is genius.

The other part I like is the balance of action to drama to comedy is perfect. I said a similar thing about the first Avengers film. The jokes don't feel out of place and very rarely miss. The action sequences are fantastic and the drama is really touching. I will say there are a couple of storyline issues and while Gunn did a fantastic job of building up this crew, side characters, specifically Glenn Close and John C. Reilly are wasted. These flaws don't hurt the films rating for me though and it stays in my top 3.

Old rating: 5/5
New rating: 5/5

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