Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★

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I'll start this off by saying I've only very briefly dabbled in the Monster Hunter video game franchise, so my rating has nothing to do with the games themselves.

I think most of my issues stem from a combination of the bland story and acting and the way the action is shot. For the first thing, they are in a world full of monsters, yet it feels like a generic army film, just with giant swords. I didn't get the fantastical feeling that I was hoping for, and that's a real shame. Add to that that nobody's performance really did anything for me, Milla Jovovich was fine, as was Ron Perlman and Tony Jaa, but there was no standout. Just run of the mill acting, and again, I want more.

The action though...yikes. Like, you could have some really cool sequences here, yet it's hard to see anything because of the quick-cut style editing that is utilised here. You have Tony Jaa, one of the greatest martial artists in the world currently, and you decide to use quick cuts and rapid editing to best show that off? Pure stupidity. I had the same issue with Mile 22's use of Iko Uwais.

I will say I think the monster design is cool, and there are a couple of cool little sequences, but this could've been so much better.

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