Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

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"I'm gonna miss him."

I need to see this one again to see if I missed any flaws but holy shit is this amazing!

The animation is stunning, with a nod to comics while looking crisp and vibrant. The writing is tight, with very little, if any issues. The humour was great but didn't take away from the drama.

The faithfulness that everyone involved shows not just one Spidey but multiple Spideys is incredible. I truly expected Sony to fuck it up. I now want Lord & Miller to be the Feige for Sony's Marvel films. Let them run it all.

The Stan Lee cameo, while obviously not the original intention, was heart-breaking. The quote just fit so well.

My only complaint is how they made Kingpin look. Why he look like a fucking Roblox character? I hated that. But other than that, this is so close to perfect it hurts.

The only reason I haven't put this above Spider-Man 2 is because I've seen Spidey 2 multiple times and I still love it. When I rewatch this one, it's probably taking the top spot.

One last thing...the final post-credits scene is so good at being very funny, while also being an ode to old-school spider-man while also teasing future releases...not an easy thing to balance.

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