Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre ★★★

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I will preface this by saying I have only ever seen the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and now this one. None of the sequels though, so keep that in mind with my score.

Now, I am genuinely surprised that this has an average LB score of only 2.1. Of course I know it isn't "good", but a 2.1? That's pretty close to some of Bruce Willis's recent films. And this isn't those.

For starters, this is really well-directed. I really think David Blue Garcia did a good job, along with the cinematographer, Ricardo Diaz. For the vast majority, the film looks good, and there are a couple of standout scenes, specifically the corn field scene and the bus scene. The latter has fantastic lighting and colour and the former just looks cool and builds up a creepy tension. I also like how Garcia used camera and lighting to hide Leatherface's uncovered face in specific scenes.

And of course, the reason I even watched this; the kills. There are some really great kills here. The first kill was really creative and fucking cool. The rest of them aren't nearly as clever but they're pretty fucking brutal and I loved that shit as well. My only qualm with this is there was some CGI blood that clearly looked fake. Always go practical.

I thought the acting was mostly decent, no stand-outs. There was one character I really fucking hated though but I am not sure if it was the actor or the writing that fucked her up (it was Sarah Yarkin, who played Melody).

Now the writing is where this thing gets way let down. The actual premise as to why they head back to the town works. But the reason that these kids, the "protagonists", set off the inciting incident is stupid. Like, it's dumb. That whole scene in the house was horseshit. Then the character motivations are weird after that. Like one character takes off in an ambulance with nobody she knows. And there are many examples of stupid shit like this.

With all that being said, I still had a fucking blast with the film. It's stupid, gory fun that looks really nice.

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