The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

2021 Ranked

What a pleasant surprise this was.

It's heart-warming, beautifully animated and quite funny. In fact, in some places, it's downright hilarious. I had tears from laughing more than once, although it certainly helps that I have an immature sense of humour.

But this shows once again that anything that Lord & Miller touch turns to gold. I truly believe that if they hadn't been fired from Solo, it would be one of my favourite Star Wars films.

The voice-acting was great and it helped me buy in to this family dynamic. I truly felt like I was watching this dysfunctional family sort their issues out in front of me, all while surviving the robot apocalypse.

This is also a (very) minor character spoiler so be warned that my next sentence will contain said-spoiler. I loved how they made Katie gay but didn't feel the need to announce it so people would celebrate them. It was in there in a throwaway line, and I think that's great.

The only reason this doesn't get five stars is because it drags a bit in the middle. If they trimmed about ten minutes from this, it'd have been a damn masterpiece.

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