The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★½

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First off, I know First Class released before this but I wanted to watch that trilogy all together seeing as I haven't seen First Class since it came out and haven't seen the other two at all.

With that out of the way, I remember that a lot of the feedback for this was pretty negative yet I really enjoyed it. I loved the Japanese setting as well as the WWII flashbacks.

The story itself was pretty cool as well, something really unique about a comic book film in that it isn't overloaded with your typical comic book heroes. Plus I love anything Yakuza.

My issues with this though are the pacing. It drags a lot in places. Also, the characters. I watched this yesterday and I don't remember anything about the other characters. Finally, the third act is way too over-the-top compared to the rest of the film so it's quite jarring.

Overall though, this is a solid watch and it shows James Mangold understands the character of Wolverine.

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