Tolkien ★★★

2019 Ranked

Film #7 of my 2019 Genre Challenge

More a tale of friendship than the actual creation of the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien is still a very watchable, well-made film.

The story is kinda interesting, but not really what I was expecting. It was filled with solid performances though and great camerawork. You don't expect the cinematography to be a stand-out part of a film like this, but it was.

The next thing I am going to say is going to make me feel really old as I remember him as the boy in About a Boy; Nicholas Hoult was too old to be a believable high school/college student. Dude is nearly as old as me.

Overall, there is nothing mind-blowing here but it's a decent biopic. It gets good in the final act when we finally see some LOTR stuff but I'd say it's mostly just okay.

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