Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

2021 Ranked
Directors Ranked: Guy Ritchie

I am still quite a bit behind on Guy Ritchie's filmography, having not seen things like RockNRolla or Lock Stock. But I will admit I have found enjoyment in all of his "foray into Hollywood" type films; King Arthur, Man from UNCLE and even Aladdin. And I really dug The Gentlemen. So I have to admit that I was very much excited for Wrath of Man, and I have to admit that once again, I have probably limited the potential of enjoyment I could've gotten out of this due to raised expectations.

Don't get me wrong. There is some good stuff here. I think the action, though used somewhat sporadically and sandwiched between stretches that drag, is good. It is quite violent and I like that. The blood effects are quite good. There are some decent performances, namely Statham in the lead and Scott Eastwood. I'd go as far as saying it's the latter's best performance, although the bar was set quite low for him. I think what I liked the most was actually how the story was told.

It is quite chronologically fucked. It jumps back and forth between a specific time frame. It has potential to be confusing but if you're paying attention, it's straightforward. What I dug about it was it showed multiple perspectives from the inciting incident of the entire film. That was interesting.

As for flaws; some of the acting is bad. I didn't like Josh Hartnett at all. Dude's fallen off. Holt McCallany was even worse. He was horrendous. Some of the dialogue in this is utter shit too, which is very surprising coming from Guy Ritchie. I also think the "reveal" is so obvious that it takes any intended oomph out of it. They throw a couple red herrings out there but it is very obvious who the bad guy actually is. And, there were no characters in this. Sure, Statham wants revenge. Sure, Scott Eastwood is crazy. But why? A little fleshing out of some characters could've done wonders.

Overall, I am probably being generous with the 3.5 but I did quite enjoy some stuff in this. But it's quite sloppy.

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