Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Nobody cares, man. Seriously, and that's okay. That's life. That's life. No, for real. Okay? It just passes. It just fucking... fucking passes.

“Wow”, That’s the first thing I said when the credits started rolling. This film has been one that i’ve been wanting to watch for a pretty long time now. First of all I bet this is gonna win a bunch of oscars, second of all this was really great. The film follows heavy-metal drummer Ruben Stone ( Riz Ahmed ) who starts to lord his hearing. His whole life turns upside down and he starts to develop this new life where he has to adapt everything. 

The absolutely standout here is Riz Ahmed who delivers the best performance of his career so far as the main character Ruben Stone. We follow him for the entire film and you feel for the character and what he’s going through. His performance here is absolutely phenomenal and he might have a high chance to win an Oscar for this performance “During scenes where Ruben is struggling to reconcile his hearing loss, Riz Ahmed wore auditory blockers deep inside his ear canal that emitted white noise”. I really love the dedication that went into this character and how he shows his emotions with his eyes and the pain he’s going through when he has to adapt his life. Learning sign language to show emotion and showing all the thoughts in mostly silent scenes. We really see the grief this character is going through and the dedication to wanting to hear and wanting to get this operation so he can start hearing again. Olivia Cooke plays his girlfriend Lou and also delivers a great job but gets outplayed by Riz Ahmed in every single scene. The other cast members like Paul Raci also portray their characters really well but nothing can top Riz Ahmed here. The one thing this film will for sure win an Oscar for is the sound design here. That’s pretty weird to say for a film about a character that’s going deaf but the sound design here is absolutely amazing. There’s scenes where we hear like a vague distorting sound or scenes where you can’t here anything so we can really step into the perspective of the hearing from the main character. The story here overall is really powerful, showing him accept his hearing loss and showing a man go through all this stuff and his whole life turning upside down. This film has the perfect conclusion aswell and probably the best thing they could have ended this with. Overall this was phenomenal like you’ve probably heard from everyone else so go watch it!

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