5 for 4

Kind of better elucidated what bothered me about Dollar Dance, to a degree. Other than the idea of investing four dollars and getting out five 7 years later not even necessarily being the right call via natural inflation (I don't think? I'd have to better check I guess), there's a sense in these two films of McLaren trying to convey how we should do our part for The Country, which is just not a way I see the government at this point in my life. A government that doesn't serve its people is hardly functional and not worth us investing in it; that's how I see it, anyway. That McLaren sees it another is his prerogative, of course, but it's just the sort of little crestfall when you learn someone you admire a lot feels different politically than you. Not the worst thing in the world, of course.

I will say, though, it does seem to make for his weakest films. I think I'd feel at least fairly similar even if they were dedicated to social philosophies I did agree with; they just have to be about something so specific, that any chance to engage with them and find your own meaning therein is completely strangled out. The animation here is strong, a lot more fun and snappy than Dollar Dance, but it's such a thin experience, one that only has any interest in you getting out of it what it wants you to. These would pale in comparison to anyone's body of work. Compared to someone whose short films are some of the most interesting films I've seen lately, period, feature or short, they are damned indeed.