Paprika ★★★★★

Finally finishing the Kon watches I began many many months ago, huzzah. There's a lot of brilliance going on here, Kon's boundless visual imagination and a concrete set of set ups and pay offs to balance out the rulelessness of the movie on the whole and a legitimately fairly interesting mystery plot and actual emotional stakes that get swirled up and ramped off into oblivion and the way it mixes realities so smoothly, maybe Kon's greatest gift as a filmmaker. This notion that it is foolish and haughty to assume we can wrestle a control over ourselves through any means, much less others, too, is one of the more interesting thematic concepts I've wrestled with lately.

I think the thing that makes this a real masterpiece, though, the thing that makes this one of animation's greatest feats, is that we are still approaching the time when this will be deemed "prescient." Stepping out of Sono's films, this movie has a very similar relationship to the internet that Noriko's Dinner Table did, where it's a place to forge your own identity and carve out a part of your world, but the way that this movie links that into dreams and the way they're distinct but real parts of the world we know, and how being able to shape that direct portal into your mind, that place you truly open yourself to, makes me think of the burgeoning place we're at with VR and the incredible potential that has to really make you buy into a world and how great the potential for all sorts of wild and even unwanted shit that represents. Come back to this in 10 years, it's already an animation classic and it's going to hold the hell up even further. Be on the right side of history. Love Paprika now.

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