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  • Romper Stomper

    Romper Stomper


    At the start I was geet like eee its a Russel Crowe film, yknow, being dead cultured and educated in film.

    Watched the whole thing and didn't realise the main character was Russel Crowe.


    He didn't even direct it.

    Is he even a director?

    I actually think he's just an actor yina this is so embarrassing. I am EMBARASSED

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Sid the sloth vs. the world

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  • The Willoughbys

    The Willoughbys


    It's like a whole load of matilda, with a generous helping of Coraline, a dash of Charlie and the chocolate factory, a pinch of the Addams Family with a hint of a series of unfortunate events aaaaaall rolled up into one big weird muffin tin of a film

  • Joker



    "your son was found tied to a radiator"
    Mam: *laughs*

    Not one of the funny parts Susan..