Starred Up

Eee am buzzing so a few weeks ago I had two pairs of trainers in me basket, baring in mind am a detty rat who doesn't like to pay full price for things, the order total was £124 BARGAIN right so I had the money, but I didn't want to spend it. Come pay day I go eee right I deserve a treat for sitting on me arse doing F all, so I goes to buy the trainers and they'd went up to £165 nooooo I was GUTTED and of course not gonna pay full price. So I try to get over it but because Google spies on us (hi Google ;) I KEPT GETTING ADS FOR THESE UNREAL TRAINERS. Heart = shattered. All the time. Proper sickna. So fast forward to today and I get another ad for the trainers, by now I'm kinda over it. But wait what is this are they NEW!!?? ARE THEY NEW SALE TRAINERS!?? (because of course I have memorized the sale items) NEW TRAINERS OOOOOO SO I GO ON TO HAVE A LOOK AND OMG MY HEART STOPPED.. PRETTY MUCH EVERY PAIR OF TN'S ARE ON SALE. I'M IN HEAVEN. GOD LOVES ME HE WANTS ME TO BE HAPPY. So now I'm £125 poorer but 2 pairs of sexy TN'S richer. Off me tits with happiness honestly footlocker is class. Peace out

PS.. Jack O Connell