Hyenas ★★★★

"The hyena is an animal of Africa. Singularly wild. It practically almost never kills. First cousin to the vulture. It knows how to sniff out illness in others. And then is capable of following, for a whole season, a sick lion. From a distance. Across the Sahel. To feast one evening on its corpse. Peacefully.” —Djibril Diop Mambéty

"Listen to the good news! Monkeys are smiling, Hyenas are sneering. The red lion is dead. The reign of the Hyenas has started."

Hyenas is a brilliant and faithful adaptation of the play 'The Visit' by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, from an African point of view, connecting it subtly with bigger themes of consumerism, neo colonialism and devastating powers of capitalism where it seems like everything can be purchased. It has absolutely gorgeous imagery with beautiful colours, textures and aesthetics rooted in African tradition with some European influences. Music is also beautifully used to give weight to moments. A satirical tale talking about much bigger things in simple ways with great poise and subtlety.