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  • The Missing

    The Missing


    While it may be mostly unremarkable in the long run, Howard's Western is aptly directed if overlong. Blanchett is always cinematic gold, and TLJ plays conflicted very well here also. The dialect work is wonderful.
    I'm not sure I'll ever recognize Evan Rachel Wood.

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    More of the same, for better and for worse. The film is so busy throwing comedy spaghetti at the wall that it doesn't wait to see if any of it sticks before lobbing more. We're also expected to be invested in emotional moments that have no room to breathe before another "edgy" joke is tossed over it. As much as I've argued that that is one of the MCU's weaker points, it takes the cake here.
    The ensemble really sells it though. I'll still go to bat for Reynolds, but Brolin and Beetz joining in are the obvious highlights.

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  • Ant-Man



    Honestly, I'm fine that Edgar Wright left this project because it gave us Baby Driver. Peyton Reed holds his own anyways.
    Paul Rudd is so good. Here and everywhere else. I adore Michael Douglas, and I'm excited for where Evangeline Lilly goes from here. It'd be silly to not acknowledge how great Michael Pena and T.I. are together.
    It's a bit familiar, but it's so fun that I couldn't care about that.

  • The Great Beauty

    The Great Beauty


    At this point, its already a cliché to say that Sorrentino is like a modern Fellini, but I can't get around it. This film is so utterly beautiful and I'm still in a trance.