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  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky


    This. Was. A. Great. Time.
    Good ol' Stevie Soda is back and he absolutely nails the comedy and the tone throughout this. The pacing in the middle is perhaps a little iffy, but that's the only real "bad" thing that I have to say about this film. Every single person in the cast crushes it, and I love the way the film itself subverts your expectations in regards to tropes. It's very very O Brother in the best way.

  • Mardan



    Certainly noteworthy as a debut, that's the bare minimum. This was a really nice and dark story that mostly comes together, but I'd love to see what it leads to.

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  • Ocean's Eleven

    Ocean's Eleven


    I honestly wasn't paying the most attention (because this was on AMC), but this movie is arguably the most watchable there is, even while distracted.

  • Sharknado



    First thing's first: I absolutely do not understand the phenomenon of watching bad movies for fun, but this was part of trying to. Again.
    Hey guess what? Bad movies really fucking suck, and this is unbelievably and unconscionably bad. I hate myself for joking about watching all of these, but the official Sharknado Twitter account is now holding me accountable.
    I did this to myself.