Police Story

Police Story ★★★★★

Alright, here again writing about this film for the fourth time because it’s simply a great big piece of action cinematic beauty. Every now and then spur the opinions of different people who talk about how every film they see must have great characters who have deep, reflective, introspective, or internally focused scenes for it to be an amazing 10 out of 10 movie. This shouldn’t be the expectation for every movie and neither should it deter one from giving a film without such characteristics an above average or high rating because of course, it depends on what kind of movie it is and what that movie is aiming for. 

So in the footsteps of the great silent stars like Lloyd, Chaplin, and Keaton, and the kung fu action hero, Bruce Lee came a high-octane dynamo who combined such elements of comedy, charm, and action known as Jackie Chan. Police Story is a true gem and definitive action movie that begins with a magnetic scene of a brigade of undercover cops who are after a powerful drug lord. Following a thrilling chase laden with crazy stunts that would make Buster Keaton smile, enters an almost off-putting cartoonish sense of humor that transitions into an interesting police procedural court case, back to silly Jackie humor and suddenly back to a cop finding himself in locations where punches and kicks fly, glass breaks, and stunts go ham in order to bring a criminal to justice.

It’s an intriguing motley of quirks about an ordinary guy, Detective Chan, who finds himself doing extraordinary things to arrest the man who would’ve put him in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. Once Jackie begins to lose his mind because his innocence is about to get betrayed, man is the lead up and the virtuoso climactic mall fight some of the most satisfying things to witness. And that’s what is great about this flick—a relatable protagonist who’s obviously flawed, but just wants to do the right thing. A simple story filled with dynamic charisma. Did it need self-reflective characters to make you care? Nah! This is an action film.

And the appeal power that Jackie brings to every movie he’s in (whether good or bad) is such a gift that other actors don’t really seem to have today. Before Jackie it was... Cary Grant maybe? Definitely good ol’ Cary! As a fan of Jackie since I was maybe 3 years old, this movie is always and will remain such a joy... as is with plenty of other Jackie movies! Also, Maggie Cheung just may be the Audrey Hepburn of Hong Kong cinema! No, I’m not just saying this because I watched Charade last night. Was about to Blue-Skidoo into my TV and knock out Chu once he kicked Maggie down the stairs. Also love the soundtrack!

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