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  • Ninja Scroll

    Ninja Scroll


    I can't and won't argue anyone claiming that this is a sexist, morally outdated, piece of trash.

    But it's also pretty fucking cool. It's the kind of old school trash with heaps of 90's anime gore, demon monsters, Manly Men™, and all of it rendered in the most stylish and visually arresting animation possible. The fight scenes are stunning, the dialog belongs in the 80's, and the villains are really imaginatively designed.

    Ninja Scroll is a hyper-kinetic slice of the…

  • Neo Tokyo

    Neo Tokyo


    Neo Tokyo is 'thought' provoking for the eyes, and perhaps that intangible organ halfway between the brain and the soul. The three short films that comprise this imaginative anthology were each wholly unique, and each one made me feel wildly different.

    The animation and visual design is a legitimate feast for the eyes, and Neo Tokyo is not short on variety. As a kid, raw and unfettered curiosity of things unknown is often exciting and simultaneously scary. The first segment…

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I really really liked this movie when I first saw it. Throughout 2016, I really really liked this movie. But, last night, my opinion of it got major complicated. I've always excused or explained its copycatting of A New Hope as a necessary move because fans were bitter about the prequels. But, fuck fans. If this is what they brought the franchise down to, fuck them.

    All three prequels were better than this movie. They at least showed us new…

  • Residue



    Whenever I watch a movie, and then critique it, I usually end up with some pretty specific ideas about what I would have done differently had I been the writer, or director, etc. I think that's just par for course when you're pointing out what a movie does wrong or right. Residue might be the first movie that I'll agree is flawed, and wholly imperfect, but... I wouldn't know what to change because I absolutely enjoyed it just the way…