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"And if, when he comes back, he wants to sell peanuts....oh, how I'll believe in those peanuts!"

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  • Holiday
  • My Man Godfrey
  • Red Dust
  • Trouble in Paradise

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  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder


    A beautifully composed mindbender, coherent even in its incoherency, holding up every bit as strikingly after all these years. One of my most vivid moviegoing memories: Going with a friend to see this, knowing nothing (infinitely easier to do in 1990), only because Home Alone was sold out and this had the soonest available screening time. (Hey, Macaulay's in both, but one of these things, very much not like the other.)

    And having our 16-year-old minds completely blown. Because whatever I…

  • Apostle



    If you're going to make a movie which demonstrates that you have seen The Wicker Man many, many times, this is the way. Proving once again that unhinged Michael Sheen is the best Michael Sheen.

Popular reviews

  • So This Is Paris

    So This Is Paris


    Been wanting to see this for years, and now glad that it didn't happen until this glowing new restoration. Unsurprisingly, a master class in comic timing and exposition---Lubitsch's sheer patience and confidence in letting moments build and unhurriedly pay off never ceases to amaze, no matter how familiar you are with his work. (The mix of laughter and pathos he can get out of merely showing a man crossing the street...and in a 68-minute running time, no less!) In a…

  • Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

    Kiss the Blood Off My Hands


    In hot competition with Kiss Me Deadly and I Wake Up Screaming as the best all-time title for a film noir, and Exhibit A in the glories of what classical Hollywood filmmaking can provide even with extremely rickety plot construction and a shopworn story.

    Recently released prisoner of war Lancaster finds himself in London, where he kills someone in a bar fight, from whence he escapes by breaking into Joan Fontaine's conveniently located apartment. The film touches on the au courant…