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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Kinda felt like Alien whack-a-mole.

    Katherine Watertson leads with strong emotion and a bad-ass edge, but didn't quite reach the same heights as Sigourney Weaver or Noomi Rapace.

    There are moments through the film that feel like the beginnings of something significant, but never amount to anything. For example, one character is referred to as being religious early on, but other than one more fleeting mention, it has no discernible effect on his life. Also, while the bonus features and…

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  • Whiplash



    I think anyone who has ever taken music lessons or participated in an ensemble can appreciate the drive to be better, and the fear of disappointing a director.

    Whiplash explores the desire for success, and the drive toward greatness. It can lead to incredible creation, but it can also destroy. And when your goal is to achieve greatness, more often than not you will fall short.

    I had no idea where Whiplash would take me, and even during the climactic…

  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


    Clark Griswold is probably insane.